April 23, 2007

Cutting, cutting, cutting

Pinks I'm cutting for my next project and also a distant future project.  Next up will be Pinny 'n Pa done in pinks, creams and browns.  I have the pinks cut and am at work cutting the creams.  I am saving the browns for last since I have more of those than anything.  As usual, I think I am overcutting for this one, but I like my projects to be scrappy and that's what generally happens.

Since there is not much left of each FQ after I cut the pieces, I am also cutting 2-1/2" strips for some future log cabin project using the pinks and browns as well.


  1. the picture of the pinks just makes me smile!
    hope you take a picture of your beiges and browns too!
    this is a quilt I have wanted to make for a long time...
    I just love it, can't wait to watch your progress

  2. Ha, that's funny! I just bought Pinny and Pa last week. I am thinking I am going to do it with yellows and blues.

  3. Pinny n' Pa is a very wonderful quilt. Lots of fun to do. The more different fabrics the better :)

  4. Your Pinny 'n Pa quilt is going to be so similar in feeling to my Barn Raising quilt! I used the In The Pink fabric line, and tried to get more browns and pinks for variety, but had a heck of a time finding fabrics that didn't clash. You wouldn't think browns and pinks would be that tricky. Your shades of brown and pink are so yummy. How many fabrics are you using? Another one I may have to make...I will wait and see how you come along with yours before I start all that cutting!