April 23, 2007

Jinxed borders


I am beginning to think the borders of my Allemande quilt are jinxed! First I find I don't have enough of the border fabric, which is highly unsual for me because I always buy a little extra. I was able to locate an online shop that still had this print from Moda's Faded Memories line from 2005, which is a small miracle. I ordered enough for a continuous border and the fabric arriived yesterday.

I pressed it and began to fold it on my cutting table to cut the borders, and noticed to my shock a small hole in the middle of the 3-1/2 yard piece. Not a big deal - the hole was only about 1/8" big and I could cut around it if I had to.

Then I discovered the SECOND hole, about 2 inches from the first. This one was 1/2" across and there is no way I can cut my four 6-1/2" wide borders from the piece of fabric and avoid the 2 holes. What a disappointment! I am still waiting to hear from the vendor, although I'm fairly certain she doesn't have another 3-1/2 yards of the fabric. Now I must order again and wait again. So frustrating when all I want to do is finish this darn quilt and get it to my longarm quilter!


  1. Oh no! I'm sending good-fabric-thoughts your way in hopes that you'll be able to get what you need to finish the quilt. It looks like gorgeous fabric!

  2. That is incredibly frustrating! =(

  3. Aaaccckk! That is a disaster! I am sure the vender will give you a refund, but what a bummer to have to start your search for the fabric all over again and wait for delivery.

  4. Incredibly frustrating. Sorry to read of your disappointment. I'm excited to be making my first trip to Buggy Barn in late May.
    Woo Woo!