April 20, 2007

I'm going to be edu-ma-cated!

I haven't taken a lot of quilt classes, mostly prefering to learn myself from reading a book.  But anytime I wanted to learn a technique that I couldn't pick up from a book, I took a class to help.  In the past I have taken the Indian Orange Peel class, a watercolor quilts class (back when they were in style!), stack and whack and also a mystery class.  It has been many years since I've had the desire to take any classes.  This year, however, I am signed up for FOUR classes and I couldn't be more excited!

In May, I will take a Featherweight class through my guild to learn how to service and repair my machine.

In June, I'm signed up for a Peppermint Twist class taught by Jo Morton at this local shop.  I love that pink quilt (scroll down on the web page to see a photo).  Maybe I can actually make friends with applique!  Or I might modify my center and make it a pieced block rather than applique.

And the pièce de résistance...  my IDOL, Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company is coming once again to Washington State to teach 2 classes at the Buggy Barn in August.  Last year I even had spousal permission to go, but I had no way to get there (non driver here) and no one to go with.

Fast forward to my meeting Nicole just a short time later.  When I told her about my missed oppportunity, she said "If it ever happens again, I'll go with you!"  I thought "What were the odds of that?"  But Carrie is coming again this August and Nicole and I have both signed up and are making our plans to meet there for the classes.  A double bonus will be getting to meet Nicole - my quilting soul mate.  We have such similar tastes and have collected a lot of the same fabrics and have made or are planning to make a lot of the same patterns.  I can't wait for AUGUST!


  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy your Jo Morton class--I just took two classes from her in March and she's a very good teacher!

  2. I can't wait either!!! The anticipation is making me giddy! How ever will I be able to concentrate on learning anything new when I am so distracted by meeting both Lisa AND Carrie?

  3. I just clicked on the link to Carriage Country Quilts, where you will take the Jo Morton class. Does that ever look like a wonderful shop! And how exciting that they have been chosen as one of the Ten Best Quilt Shops by Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine!