April 29, 2007

Orange is the color of the day


Saturday my friend gifted me with this early birthday present - an orange iPod shuffle. Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Teeny weeny and it clips to your shirt. I loaded it with 260 of my favorite songs and there is still room for a few more. It's unbelieveable that something this small can produce such rich, beautiful sound. I smile every time I look at it!


Saturday I was also able to FINALLY pick up my orange quilt. I was getting a little miffed that my longarm quilter has had it since February, but a series of events prevented her from getting to it in a more timely manner, so here it finally is. I wish I was able to get better photos of the beautiful quilting. She used a whimsical floral pattern and a variegated orange thread with a beautiful sheen to it. This is exactly what I had in mind and I am so happy with the results.


The back of the quilt is this flame fabric and it's flannel. So much fun - I just love everything about this quilt and I'm happy to finally have it home. When I flung it out on the floor to show my family, my DD flopped down on and and pronounced "MINE" but I think I want to hang this one in our entry.

I also found the perfect fabric in my stash for binding, but as my luck would have it, I didn't have quite enough for my binding strips. But not to worry, more is winging its way to me as you read this!

I also spotted an orange Volkswagen GTI at the dealership on my way home Saturday, but after coming home and looking up the price on the Internet, that little beauty won't be coming home with me....


  1. What a fun bday gift! And that quilt is just as perfect as I imagined it would be. I adore the flaming fabric on the back. lol

  2. Orange you glad it's finally quilted?
    Sorry - couldn't resist. I love how the whites are scrappy (nice tips!), and are those surfboards?

  3. Very, very pretty! It has summer written all over it.

  4. Your orange quilt turned out simply great! Some things are just worth waiting for. The quilting design seems just perfect for it. If you hang it in your entry way, it will really make things "pop" in a very welcoming way!
    What a terrific friend to give you the orange iPod! That is seriously cute!
    I definitely think you should consider the orange VW as an accessory for your iPop and orange quilt.

  5. I got one of those shuffles for Xmas. Aren't they just the best!! I didn't know they came in colors. Kewl!

  6. What a fantastic gift!! Your quilt is sooo dreamy and cheerful!

  7. Very cute! I got the apple green iPod and love using it!

  8. Love the orange! I never used to be an orange person, but I'm telling you there is something about that color that is just too wonderful lately! Its in the air.
    Thanks for the visual goodies,