December 29, 2008

Returning to normal

Entry I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  Ours was perfect, although I don't have photo documentation - I tend to forget to bring out the camera when there is too much going on around me!   Everyone of our dinner guests made it and dinner was divine.  The kids were all happy with their gifts and the house is at peace once again.

We did finally get 2 quilts hung in our entryway before our Christmas party - they certainly add some fun color to the plain, white walls!

Best of all, the snow has finally melted and I can finally leave the house and get back into my regular routine.  I went to work!  I went to the chiropractor!   Oh, the little things...  I now hope that UPS will get to delivering their backlog of packages that got stuck in the distribution center because of our weather.   I have a package from the Fat Quarter Shop that's been sitting there since December 22.   Don't they know I want my fabric???


  1. The entry way quilts are so beautiful. I am so glad you got them up!
    I got my package from FQS yesterday---an entire bundle of Gypsy Rose! Now, what shall we do with that one? Have you seen the Fig Tree pattern "Figgy Pudding"? That is a very cute design. You and I need to come up with a project to work on together.
    I have been trying to get caught up to you on the BOMs we have joined, and may just get there today.
    Work? You have to work? Noooooo!

  2. Nothing like seeing your work displayed to encourage you to make more--very nice!

  3. Isn't it great to get back to normal? There is still a lot of snow here, but the roads are terrific! I love both your quilts, Lisa - I made a zig-zag quilt a few years ago - I swear out of the same fabrics as your one on the right - got the idea at one of the Quilter's Anonymous shows in Monroe from Aunt Annie's fabrics in Smokey Point.

  4. You must get your package. Dont they understand we need that fabric???
    Happy New Year and here's hoping you get your package!!

  5. Oh the quilts look funtastic! ...and I want to definitely know what fabric you are awaiting (in case, in the dark of night...well, you know!)
    Theifing with Love, *karendianne.

  6. Those quilts look beautiful in your stairway! I still have yet to make the quilts I want to put up in mine. You inspire me to get to work on them, Lisa.