January 26, 2014

Double Hubble, Fini!

I don't think I've ever finished TWO good-sized quilts in less than a month before, but this month I have!  Two Hubble quilts, both ready for the quilter!  (Just showing one because it was quite the feat getting it on the design wall with my injured arm.)

Maybe it's because I made both quilts at once that it didn't seem like all that much extra work.  Hmm, I'll have to keep that in mind for the future, although I seldom make the same pattern twice.  I think this Miss Rosie's pattern using Little Black Dress was totally worth making twice.

Now on to the baby quilt!  I have so many ideas swimming around in my head!


  1. I am in LOVE with your quilt !!!! You have inspired me to make one too ;-) Little black dress is just my favorite fabric :-D What is the measurements of this quilt ?

  2. It's so beautiful! What a great job you did. :)

  3. I am amazed at your beautiful work -- and thanks for sharing your photos.


  4. Congratulations on the completions! It does feel really good to get things to a "finished" state, doesn't it.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. It's gorgeous! I love them both!

    Congratulations on your embargo - I need to do that too. Seriously. I'm way, way too impulsive with fabric purchases. It didn't help that you said "Flower Sugar"... I love those fabrics. ;)